Respiratory Therapy


Perfecto Oxygen Concetrator


Sleek, stylish, contemporary design

75% quieter than Platinum XL

25% more energy efficient than Platinum XL

17% lighter than Platinum XL

33% smaller than Platinum XL


Homefill Oxygen System with Concentrator


IOH200 HomeFill Oxygen Compressor

IRC5P02 PerfetO2 Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor

2 Oxygen Cylinders with One Carrying Bag

IOC100P Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver



Homefill Oxygen Compressor


Connection and controld are designed for easy operatio.

Patient can fill cylinders while receiving oxygen from the concentrator.

Gives ambulatory patients greater freedom and independence.

Small and Lightweight.




Stratos Compact Aerosol Compressor


5 Year Limited Warantee

Includes high speed resuable jet nebulizer and nebulizer parking post.

Porex PE inlet filter for simple, cost-effective maintenance.

Short Treatment Times